A fundamental question: how do professionals get better at what they do?

There are two views on this. One is the traditional pedagogical view. You go to school, you study, you practice, you go out into the world and you make your way on your own. A professional is someone who manages its own improvement.

This is the approach most of us have learned and it works for lawyers, doctors or musicians.

Everyone needs a coach. The greatest in the world need a coach. Pay someone to see you inject and critique you. It seems absurd. Expertise means not needing to be coached. Or does it?


Everyone needs a coach.

On your own you don’t recognize the issues that are standing in your way or don’t know how to fix them, the result is that somewhere along the way you stop improving.

What great coaches do is that they are your external eyes and ears, providing a more accurate picture of your reality. They will dissect the different aspects of your performance and reconstruct it again. Build on your strengths and address your weaknesses They move you upward in your personal learning curve. This Is what happens when we understand how people get better at what they do.

This unique format will allow you not only to get all the detailed information of Dr. Rosengaus’ signature treatments (Happy Face, Rhinosculpt, Frame Lifting) but the why’s and how’s of how to inject safely and effectively in a personalized and individualized way, but more important: Instead of seeing him how to inject, he will see you inject!
There could be 1, 2, but never more than 3 doctors per course!

The PROGRAM includes:

  1. A system of Facial Assessment based on the Universal Theories of Beauty that will guide your analysis for patients of any ethnicity, gender or age.
  2. In depth anatomy, made simple to understand and relevant to use.
  3. Injection techniques for toxins, fillers and BIOSTIMULATORS like Sculptra.
  4. Based on the latest medical literature, the most advance protocol for treating all kind of complications.
  5. How to correctly stage and create a specific treatment program for each patient.

Is not how good you are now but about how good you are going to be that really matters.


This course is open to all level professionals including physicians (MDs, Dos), nurses and physician assistants

Everything, including patients and the product to be injected.

Dr. Frank Rosengaus’ private clinic in Mexico City, Mexico
The clinic is in Polanco, the most elegant and safest neighborhood, steps away from Mazaryk Avenue, the Fabourg St. Honore of Mexico, full of famous shops, amazing restaurants and entertainment.

Two  days, 10 am to 6 pm the first day and 10 am to 2 pm the second day.

We end when personal goals are achieved.

English and/or Spanish

They are many hotels nearby, many of them walking distance. Some suggestion will be given after inscription.

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$5950 USD
A 50% deposit is required to save your space.


Anatole France 145, Polanco, CDMX, 1150, México
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