Ear surgery also known as otoplasty

The otoplasty is a very simple surgery, it is recommended to perform it around 6 years of age, before entering school, but as we can imagine, many people decide to perform this intervention until they are adults.

Not all prominent ears have the same morphology, we must distinguish between those in which the atria are forming a wider angle with the temporal bone, which makes them look protuberant, and those that are notorious for their size.

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Not all prominent ears have the same morphology.

In the first case, we approach the ears to the head making an incision in the back, this allows us to accommodate the cartilage. In the second, the cartilage size is modified by performing a similar intervention.

The surgery takes about two hours and only local anesthesia is required as it is an outpatient procedure. The recovery is very simple; The patient should avoid intense physical activity and should wear an elastic bandage for three days. Since the incision is very small, there is no major discomfort and the result can be seen immediately.

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