Using the Rosengaus Method it is possible to give an accurate evaluation of the results that patients will obtain after a treatment.

This process of quality and continuous improvement has a central objective, for patients to find the true meaning of beauty and see it reflected on their face, what we call total facial balance.

A concept of real beauty

The procedure begins with an agreement between the doctor and the patient on the concept of beauty. Once achieved, we can safely predict that the patient will notice a natural rejuvenation of his face that not necessarily looks younger, but looks very good for his age, leaving behind the traditional idea of ​​overdone or unnatural results.

Subsequently, a diagnosis is made of that patient’s particular aging process. Once its causes are determined, an aesthetic proposal is made from an anatomical and physiological point of view.
The next step is the implementation of one of our rejuvenation techniques and/or treatments. In this step, the doctor makes small tweakments of imperfections or enhancements of facial features, until the final goal is reach: total facial balance.

This method is use in all our procedures including nose surgery, the “Happy Face”, non-surgical facelift, lifting sutures and others.

Every procedure requires an evaluation and follow-up routine, since it is a maintenance program design for the patient to enjoy his or her beauty her whole life.