Facial lipodisolution - It is a treatment focused on eliminating clusters of adipose tissue

Many times fat accumulates in the worst possible places. This produces an imbalance in our aesthetic appearance. On the face, this area is the fat under the chin (submental fat), also called double chin.

The traditional treatment for the double chin is surgical removal through a small incision or with liposuction. Recently, a "new" minimally invasive treatment was approved by the FDA.

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The reduction effects are quite noticeable from the first session

It consists in the application of a substance that destroys fat cells,
significantly reducing its amount while shaping and refining adjacent areas such as the jaw and the contour of the chin.

Some side effects such as redness, pain and inflammation are expected the first 4-5 days after treatment. This product is extremely effective and safe in other parts of the body such as “little wheels”, fat from the brassiere area, inner thighs and lower abdomen.

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