Suspension sutures
You will see the results almost immediately

Newly approved by the FDA, the new option in cosmetic procedures is called "suspension sutures." They are absorbable and unseat the threads of the previous generation, significantly reducing the possibility of side effects and their complications.

It is a procedure of facial rejuvenation whose objective is to raise the flabby facial tissue of the eyebrows, the middle face, the chin and the neck areas.

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Not only is it less invasive than a traditional facelift, but the tensioning threads are also cheaper.

The technique consists of fastening under the skin of these specific sutures that have anchor cones (Silhouette Lift). It takes about 20 minutes and only requires a little local anesthesia.

Some normal post treatment reactions may be inflammation and / or bruising. The results last about 18 months, but there is a residual benefit due to the stimulation of collagen production in the area where the sutures were placed.

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Patients believe they are worth it

The vast majority of its patients are very pleased with the results. The procedure has been described as “worthwhile” by 94 percent of the patients who have undergone it.

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