Facelift or facelift

This surgical procedure, known technically as ritidectomy, improves the visible signs of aging on the face and neck.

Nowadays it is considered the ideal treatment for cases of general sagging of the facial skin, for resuspension of the middle third of the face, to delineate the mandibular edge and / or to correct the redundancy of the skin of the neck.

Thanks to this intervention, facial tissues can be tightened, also removing excess fat and redistributing the skin of the face and neck to recover firmness and improve facial oval tone.

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Indications of the procedure

  • Flaccidity in the middle area of ​​the face
  • Deep folds under the lower eyelids
  • Deep folds along the nose, to the corner of the mouth
  • Fat that has been dropped or displaced
  • Gill formation due to loss of muscle tone in the lower part of the face

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