What is Lifting with suspension sutures?

It is a novel and innovative facial rejuvenation technique, which offers the benefit of non-surgical intervention and therefore only requires a short recovery period. The material is composed of biodegradable sutures that have long been used in surgery.

During this procedure, the sutures are inserted into the deeper connective tissues, adhere to the subcutaneous tissue and, if placed correctly, create tension in the desired direction.

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Biodegradable sutures that have long been used in surgery.

This produces a slight tightening of the subcutaneous tissue and of the skin, which reaffirms after a few days due to the natural increase in connective tissue (fibrosing). For the treatment, local anesthesia is used and the sutures are absorbed after a certain time, depending on the material used.

Additional sutures can be placed at any time. Therefore, there is a method available that allows lifting of the skin and tightening of the hypodermis significantly with minimal effort for some time and without risk.

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